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An email from one of our guests:

Hi Dianne and Clyde,

WOW is all I can say for our vacation! I hope that in your communcation with Tom he has done justice to how much we have loved being here. I know he doesn't always get enthusiastic about things but your home is wonderful - spacious, cheerful, clean and bright and so well-equipped. We have wanted for nothing. This vacation is just what we've been needing - no schedules except ones we deliberately set which was in "Hawaii Time" which was very easy to get used to here. From listening to the birds when we awaken to the beautiful sunsets each evening - its been bliss.

So nice to have a place we can take our shoes off and relax and cook when I wanted to and not depend on restaurants. Morning breakfasts on the lanai was such a treat and eating in and watching the play-off football games was fun. But we have enjoyed the many food offerings - and used your suggestions.

Theresa was so good - not interfering but checking in to see if we needed anything and delivering your birthday card to Tom. Was he surprised!

We've done so many things to get to know the island but not tourist-weary. I just love the flora and fauna of a new place and was intrigued with everywhere we went which afforded me the opportunity to see more and more varieties. The museums and historic sites we visited (not too many to tax Tom) were amazing and I felt I was really absorb the history and culture of the island.

The book you have here on traveling through the island was our bible. Although we had lots of information before we came and picked up magazines at the airport, this book was really what we researched daily to make a priority list.

The Dolphin Journeys was amazing. I have wanted to swim with the dolphins for many years and never knew if I could find one that wasn't commercial and touristy. I had seen the ad for this one and considered it then read Dana's review and knew this was it. I was delighted that Tom wanted to go, too. Nancy is so educated yet spiritual and I felt that I was in the company of someone who totally understood the emotional significance of the dolphins. We refer to the Mustangs as Land Dolphins so this was just the experience for which I was looking. To just be among them was fulfilling - then we went on to a coral reef and that was even as impressive to float along with the many tropical fish and just flow with the water movement as they were doing. What a day!!

Anyway - before this gets too long - thanks again for a wonderful opportunity to rejuventate. It will be a vacation I will truly always remember.



© 2012 Clyde Sebastian

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